Common Questions

Are all townhomes four bedrooms with two baths?

We do have a few owners that have taken the wall down to make two huge bedrooms. We also have owners that prefer to rent the entire floor as a two bedroom one bath. Prices vary on these floor plans.


Do you offer roommate matching?

We will do our best to match you with your requests but due to fair housing, we accept anyone that is qualified therefore it is always to your advantage to locate your own roommates.


Do you offer semester leases?

Since Camden Townes is privately owned it is up to each individual owners. If offered many will charge a $50 monthly premium.


Do you have townhomes with wood like floors?

Yes, some owners have replaced their carpet with a wood laminate flooring. Others have put the wood looking floor in living room areas but left carpet in the bedrooms.


Are utilities included?

Again, due to representing private owners each owner offers different incentives. Many offer electric and water with monthly caps.


Do you allow pets?

Camden Townes does not have any pet policy so it will be up to the individual owner. No aggressive breeds due to liability.


Is Camden Townes an all student community?

Due to fair housing, you can not designate a community to only students. Anyone that is qualified may live in this community.


Does Camden Townes offer security?

Yes, Camden Townes has a security guard on each evening for your safety.


Will the bus come through Camden?

Yes, the bus is constantly coming through the community and there are designated bus stops.


What about Blue Ridge?

The bus that transports to Blue Ridge is just right across the street.


All are townhomes priced the same?

No, each owner or property management company sets their pricing. Pricing will vary according to the remodeling done, utilities included, etc.


Do you offer separate leases or if I lease one bedroom am I responsible for the empty room?

We do offer separate leasing. You are responsible for your rent and the owner or property manager will find additional tenants.


Will you pay referral fees if I bring roommates in or fill another room in the community?

Yes, many property management companies and owners will pay a referral fee for your help in filling a vacant room.


Do all townhomes look the same inside?

Almost all townhomes have the same floor plan as the model. We do have a few units that that are set up differently. You will need to speak with the agent in the model to get a townhome according to what expectations you have. Some townhomes have been completely remodeled and look like the model without all the decorations.